How’s your love life these days? Is the idea of Valentine’s Day romance just another reminder of how uninspiring it’s become? Perhaps your sex drive isn’t what it used to be? Or you’re having trouble getting aroused, achieving erections or experiencing satisfactory orgasms? As disturbing as these things are, you are not alone. It happens to nearly all men and women at some point in their aging process. In fact, your grandparents and parents likely accepted their lagging interest in sex as just a part of getting older.
They were right. Key hormones (testosterone and estradiol) regulate our sex lives. The aging body can no longer produce adequate amounts of these important messengers. The symptoms you are experiencing are common signs of the hormone deficiency that accompanies the aging process.

The good news is you don’t have to suffer with it! A simple blood test and the right bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT) can rejuvenate your love life and more.

Valentine’s Day Romance

It’s important to know that your need for beneficial levels of these vital hormones never goes away. Actually, there are receptor cells throughout your entire body where each performs important tasks. When hormones are deficient or lacking, it negatively impacts many body functions. That’s why effective BHRT not only eliminates symptoms, but also helps improve libido, energy, memory, brain function, sleep, heart health, bone health and more. But not all BHRT is the same. In fact, most methods cannot provide the hormonal balance needed for long term health benefits.

The key to achieving hormonal balance is using a treatment that:

1) Is proven safe and effective
2) Utilizes low dose bioidentical hormones not synthetics
3) Employs a method that delivers bioavailable hormones 24/7 for months at a time
4) Can deliver more hormone when the body needs it
5) Is administered by an expert in hormone replacement

SottoPelle® BHRT is just that therapy. We are pioneers and leaders in our field. For decades we have helped thousands of men and women rekindle their love lives and regain the vitality they thought was lost forever.

Put the romance back in your life. Schedule a consultation with SottoPelle® today.