Clark Brittain, DO

Dr. Clark Brittain, D.O. specializes in Gynecology and Urogynecology. Dr. Brittain along with his wife, Mary Mahern, M.D., a family physician, and children, relocated from San Antonio, Texas to Bloomington. Dr. Brittain brings twenty five years experience as both family physician and obstetrician-gynecologist and is board certified in both specialties. Before moving to Bloomington, he was the director of the Women’s Health Center, Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas where he was a faculty member of the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium teaching obstetrics and gynecology and primary care to OB/GYN residents in training. His prior experiences include three years as Chief of OB/GYN at Gorgas Army Hospital, Republic of Panama, and residency training in OB/GYN at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, Texas. Dr. Brittain was in a private Family Practice in Akron, Colorado for over 10 years before joining the military to expand his skills in OB/GYN. Dr. Brittain delivered babies for 23 years. He now concentrates on Gynecology and Urogynecology (problems with the urinary tract in women, especially leaky bladder and prolapse defects).

Dr. Brittain and his wife Mary have four children and enjoy many family activities. Mary grew up in Indianapolis and has lived and practiced medicine in Bloomington in the past. Dr. Brittain grew up on a farm in Iowa but his link to Indiana goes back almost 190 years to when his ancestors settled in Spencer, Indiana where many descendants still live.

Dr. Brittain offers care for women: gynecology (office to include management of abnormal pap smears, surgery to include laparoscopy and hysterectomy surgical procedures), urinary incontinence (Dr. Brittain specializes in evaluation and treatment – both surgical and unique pelvic rehabilitative non surgical treatment -of the leaky bladder; he uses the most recent developments available), menopausal problems, infertility evaluation and treatment, cancer screening, general medical problems, pelvic pain syndromes, Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation, family planning for women and vasectomy for men. He describes his practice style as holistic and feels being a “good listener” is of utmost importance.

Welcome to our practice. We recently joined a large multispecialty group and my prior practice as Clark Brittain, D.O. dba Total Health Care for Women is now Premier Family Practice and Gynecology. My wife, Dr. Mary Mahern is a Family Physician and we have practiced together for over 10 years in Bloomington, Indiana. I practiced as a Family Physician in Colorado for 10 years, then joined the US Army to do a residency and specialize in Obsetrics and Gynecology. That adventure took us to Texas (twice) and rhe Republic of Panama for tours of duty. We came back to Indiana- where we have deep roots- to finish raising our family and fine tune our practices. Mary sees mostly adult women and men, I have a practice that focuses on 3 primary areas: hormone replacement therapy for women and men, office Gynecology and Robotic Surgery and other primarily endoscopic Gynecology prodecures. We plan to live out our years here in Indiana where my ancestors settled in 1816. I have a teaching appointment with Indiana University School of Medicine and both Dr. Mahern and Dr. Brittain host medical students from time to time. Both Doctors are very focused on listening to our patients to hear the full story; and work in partnership with them to sort out the problems and plan a therapy with appropriate surveillance if indicated.) We love Southern Indiana and have a home in the deep woods which provides tranquility that is hard to describe. Over the years our patients often become quite attached not unlike an extended family and this is very energizing to both Doctors. We have 2 adult children (a daughter in Denton Texas – along with a husband and 3 children – and son in Bloomington, a daughter who recently began University and a son who is a High School Junior. We enjoy a large extended family, a faith community and a large circle of friends. Our lives are made more vibrant by our medical practices and patients. We are grateful for all we are able to share and hope to continue to do so for many more years. – Clark Brittain, Mary D. Mahern

Practice Approach

Dr. Brittain is a Board Certified Family Physician who practiced in rural Colorado for 10 years. While there he was faculty for 3 family practice programs in Denver and northern Colorado and received many awards. He then did an additional residency in the US Army at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, Texas. After residency he was Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Gorgas Army Hospital , Ancon, Republic of Panama, then Chief of Ambulatory Gynecology Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio Texas as a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist. Upon completion of his military tours of duty he and his family moved to Bloomington, Indiana where he has practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1998. Dr. Brittain stopped doing deliveries in 2002 to focus on Gynecology generally but more specifically in 3 main areas: hormone replacement therapy for women and men- predominantly SottoPelle therapy; office Gynecology/Urogynecology, and Gynecologic Surgery with and emphasis on Da Vinci Robot surgery. Dr. BrittainÕs wife, Dr. Mary D.Mahern, a board certified Family Physician, practices together with Dr. Brittain as Premier Family Practice and Gynecology after recently joining the Premier Health Care group here in Bloomington, Indiana. We have a very dedicated staff who have been with us long term and the entire team is very dedicated to providing the best possible care in an intimate setting where the focus is ALWAYS on taking care of patients. Dr. Brittain is very passionate about hormone replacement therapy for women and men, and in collaboration with Dr. Gino Tutera and Sottopelle is part of a multicenter trial utilizing SottoPelle therapy for treating Parkinson Disease patients. Dr, Brittain belongs to a host of medical organizations and is a delegate to the Indiana State Medical Association from the Monroe Owen County Medical Society. He is faculty for Indiana University Medical School where he gives lectures, and will soon join the faculty of the Marion University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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