Frank Comstock, MD

Dr. Frank Comstock obtained his medical training from Michigan State University, where he also completed residency training in emergency medicine. He was President of Northwest Tucson Emergency Physicians and Medical Director for twenty years. For the past 14 years he has practiced Anti-Aging medicine at Lifestyle Spectrum. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Age Management Medicine. At Lifestyle Spectrum his practice centers on individual consultations with patients for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, healthy diet and weight management programs, nutritional supplementation and exercise programs for healthy aging. Dr. Comstock has authored ANTIAGING 101: Course Manual a medical publication that speaks to readers about the knowledge and tools required to slow the aging process. Structured in the format of a college lecture series, ANTIAGING 101 explains the lifestyle changes necessary to obtain and maintain optimal health and vitality. Learn how and why your diet, exercise program, supplements, hormones, and stress reduction impact your health and aging.

At Lifestyle Spectrum, Dr. Comstock consults with patients about hormone deficiencies in both men and women. Signs and symptoms associated with the aging process are fatigue, depression, weight gain, loss of libido, and loss of strength. These are just a few indications of hormonal issues. With SottoPelle your quality of life can dramatically improve, while simultaneously slowing the aging process. Lifestyle Spectrum is an exclusive provider in southern Arizona of SottoPelle® hormone pellet therapy a revolutionary form of bioidentical hormone therapy.

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Lifestyle Spectrum provides premier medical care in the areas of physician-directed bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, weight management, peptide therapy, nutritional injections and healthy aging programs. These programs provide patients with education and tools that will defy the aging process.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Frank Comstock and his hormone replacement therapy. It changed my life!! I was very skeptical. After reading his book (which is awesome) I decided to schedule an appointment. During my consultation with him he answered all my questions with patience and kindness. If you want to feel great, and look better than you have in years, I suggest a call to this Doctor. I wouldn’t trust my body to just anyone advertising over the radio. Thanks Dr. Frank! I got my life back! You’re the BEST! – Ileana B.

Everything Sottopelle claims to do it has done at least 100% and more! I am a personal trainer, and my job requires a lot of mental and physical strength. I started noticing a significant drop in my energy level, mental focus, and metabolism. Basically, I had all the signs of low testosterone. I made an appointment with Dr. Comstock to talk symptoms. After evaluating my blood test, Dr Comstock suggested that I try Sottopelle therapy. Sottopelle has restored my energy, mental focus, and has lowered my body fat. I even recommend this therapy to my clients! – Ron H.

I am so grateful that I went to Lifestyle Spectrum for my hormone therapy. My life has changed for the better after doing Sottopelle hormone therapy. My only regret is not doing it sooner! It has reduced my anxiety, depression, and so much more. It has helped improve all of my relationships, because I am a much happier person to be around. The most noticeable difference is that it has helped my marriage. Thank you Dr. Frank! – K.S.

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