Ray Andrew, MD


Honors BA, English, University of Utah
MD, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Residency in Family Medicine, University of Missouri Kansas City

Professional Memberships

American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Practice Approach

Serving patients from all over the Intermountain West, Prestige Wellness Institute helps men, women, and children transform their health through root cause resolution. While this is occurring, we guide them through the personalized process of preventing future disease and creating lasting health.

Prestige Wellness Institute helps patients achieve and maintain their optimal health by giving the body what it needs, removing what does not belong there, and utilizing both simple and sophisticated tools to help the body heal itself. Our approach empowers patients to bring about lasting change in their own lives through education, lifestyle modification, targeted supplementation, detoxification, and repair of diseased tissues.

We offer a wide variety of healing modalities, including bio-identical hormone replacement, IV therapy and chelation, stem cell therapy, Prolozone pain therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), gut repair, supportive therapies for cancer, the Priapus Shot (P Shot), the Orgasm Shot (O Shot), acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, and much more.

Most patients present to Prestige Wellness Institute after exhausting all other resources, having been told by doctor after doctor that there is nothing wrong with them or nothing more can be done for them. In addition to providing numerous cutting-edge healing tools, we offer hope, one of the most powerful healing modalities in existence.

Reach out to Prestige Wellness Institute today to find out how we can help you transform your health.

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American Board of Family Practice

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March 2006
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