Robert Rees, DO

Dr. Robert Rees has a passion for helping others which has led him down the path to a rewarding career in Family Medicine.  Dr. Rees is a lifelong Michigan resident and has provided high-quality family medical care in a rural setting since 2006.  Utilizing an integrative approach in his private practice, Dr. Rees delivers a blend of traditional and non-traditional treatment options to his patients.

Dr. Robert Rees is a graduate of Northern Michigan University. He obtained his medical degree from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.  Dr. Rees was able to train in an idyllic rural West Virginia community of 700 in the beautiful Greenbrier valley.

Dr. Rees takes great pride in serving and providing highly skilled care to his patients.  Dr. Robert Rees recently stated, “Our current venture will enable us to provide life-changing care options to residents of the Traverse City and surrounding areas.”

Dr. Robert Rees is Now Offering SottoPelle® Pellet Therapy.  Dr. Rees’ new pellet therapy is just one of the services he offers, and is expected to increase in use as time goes on. The pandemic has caused many individuals’ hormones to constantly change, so Dr. Rees has fully opened his services to anyone who may benefit.

Dr. Robert Rees was raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.

In Dr. Rees’ spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family with outdoor activities, including kayaking, hiking, and camping.  Dr. Rees looks forward to discovering all the Traverse City area has to offer.

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