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Dr. Gino Tutera was recognized worldwide as a pioneer and leader in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. He practiced medicine for over forty years and specialized in natural hormone therapy.  In 2002, Dr. Tutera founded SottoPelle® Therapy,  and was the industry leader for discovering the need for individualized pellet therapy since 1992. Dr. Tutera developed his unique treatment method based on the use of subcutaneous (beneath the skin) hormone replacement pellets, the most effective hormone delivery system available for hormone replacement therapy. He published three books on the subject: You Don’t Have to Live with It!, Life Regained: The Real Solution to Managing Menopause and Andropause and You Don’t Have to Live with It! Two, which provides a deeper insight into hormone replacement therapy for men and women. He was never been one to say “I told you so”, but it was no surprise to Dr. Tutera when BHRT, backed by solid scientific evidence sky-rocketed into the spotlight. Thanks to the increased media attention, people became aware of what Dr. Tutera had known all along: that BHRT, when properly delivered, can work wonders.

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In 1992, Dr. Gino Tutera, founded the first SottoPelle® Center for Hormonal Balance & Well-Being to help transform the way we age. To date, the centers have treated thousands of patients who tell us that the SottoPelle® method using pellets have given them back what they thought they had lost forever: their quality of life. Many find the benefits of this therapy simply astounding. At the SottoPelle® Centers, we do more than simply balance your hormones. We help you achieve a level of well-being you haven’t felt in ages. Our philosophy mirrors what many research studies now bear out: that health and healing are inextricably entwined in the mind, body and spirit connection. Proper nutrition, staying active mentally and physically, and maintaining loving relationships are all key to your total health. Hope, optimism, positivity and faith also play a vital role in healing. We call it healing from the inside out. It is our mission to help you live the best life possible as you age. We now provide a variety of resources to support your physical, mental and spiritual growth. Everything from informative literature to our growing line of nutritional supplements. Please contact us today for an initial consultation and join the thousands of other men and women who are living and enjoying Aging Gracefully!

Practice Approach

Pellet Therapy is based on achieving physiologic hormonal balance something research has shown is absolutely vital to good health and well-being. Of all the hormone replacement modalities, only pellet therapy can provide this balance 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Even so, many pellet therapies fail to accomplish this. The SottoPelle® Method, on the other hand, offers consistent, effective results based on the many years of application that went into its development. Several important aspects make up its distinctive difference:

– We are specialists in bio-identical pellet therapy.
– We use one of the nation’s top compounding 503B outsourcing pharmacy to ensure the superior quality, purity and meticulous preparation of our hormone pellets.
– Our diagnostic methodology is equally detailed. It starts with proper testing and accurate analysis of the results, which means that the right dose of hormone can be prescribed for each patients unique body chemistry. This individualized dosage is key to success.
–the Doctors employ a unique insertion technique another critical component to attaining optimum results.
– The offices utilizes a proprietary patented dosage and management system

Before coming to SottoPelle my life was in the dumps. I had no ambition and no desire to do anything. I worked, came home and sat in my chair, fell asleep and was in bed by 8:00 or 8:30. My wife accused me of being depressed. I had no sex drive at all. I went nowhere and did not want anyone over to our house. After taking my pellets I feel 20 years younger, my sex life is back and I am back to my normal life. My wife is 12 years younger than me and I run circles around her. Thanks to SottoPelle! – Jerry M.

My life is my own again! No more night sweats, hot flashes and forgetfulness. I feel like I’m in my 30s again. Thank you for your genuine concern about my health and sharing in my happiness. Bless you Dr. Tutera! – Virginia S.

My life changes: no pain, no swelling, no night sweats (all night, every night), no hot flashes, no sleepless nights. I got my life back! I feel like I am 25 not 54, my weight gain melted off. I am able to work out and be active again. This is a miracle that continues to amaze me and every day I am thankful for it. – Kristie B.

I feel like myself again! Five years without a good night’s sleep was taking its toll. Night sweats and insomnia plagued me and my doctor’s insistence on reducing the dosage of my artificial hormones was making it worse. When two of my friends came to a dinner party one night looking happier and more refreshed than I had seen them in years, I had to ask why. Both of them had begun SottoPelle® treatments. I went online, made an appointment and now I feel great, look great and my husband is happier too! – Stacy H.