Kendra stood with her Skechers glued to the step and tried to breathe and not burst into flame (the hot flashes were worse when she was outside). By nature of the app, none of her would-be suitors could message her unless she accepted the kissy lips. But could she do it?

The app was supposed to be just for fun, to get her confidence up, a game. She had never planned to actually do anything with it. She’d only been officially divorced for a year now. It was too soon. Jasmine would struggle.

Kendra’s finger hovered over the icon.

Besides, she wasn’t ready for this. Dating? Possibly love? She felt like a sack of potatoes banged against the wall most days. A flaming sack of potatoes banged against the wall other days. She was so tired. And busy. She didn’t have time for this.

But this was First Kiss Kyle. How could she not?

The door opened suddenly and there stood Jasmine, her pretty face worried under a sloppy bun. She was a carbon copy of Kendra at that age, dark blue eyes, delicate features. She’d been dating Kyle when she was Jasmine’s age, before his family moved to California.

Did he know who she was, too?

“Mom? Why are you standing out here in the dark?”

Kendra looked around. Sure enough, the sun had set. An explosion of stars lit the sky. Although she had lived in this house for the past 15 plus years, Kendra suddenly felt like she had never seen this place before, had never stood on this step, had never been touched by this wind or this sky or this feeling.

“Come inside, Mom. Let’s watch something.”

In a daze, Kendra stepped inside.

But before she did, she tapped the thumbs up beside Kyle’s “kissy lips.”