CarolAnn Tutera Guest Host on 99.9KEZ

CarolAnn Tutera will be the guest host for two hours on 11/24 on 99.9KEZ The Holiday Station helping to bring in this season with health and holiday spirit!!

Listen in and enjoy the beautiful music and CarolAnn talk about hormonal balance.



Loving Life After 50

CarolAnn Tutera is the Leading Lady of Authentic Aging and recently made the front cover of Loving Life after 50!

SottoPelle® was created and has subsequently flourished because of her dedication to people and improving the quality of their lives. The next step and evolution for SottoPelle is to support the growth of empowerment in the fifty and over age demographic. CarolAnn understands and advocates that “you can be the best you want to be at any age”. Agism and the negative connotations associated with getting older are slowly dissipating under the careful watch of CarolAnn Tutera. Her newly launched podcast “Adventures in Aging “on iTunes candidly explores the complexities, challenges and obtainable joy that can be achieved with humor and balance.  Read more about CarolAnn’s efforts to lead by example and help everyone be the best they can be at ANY AGE!

Do you have a story to tell on how your life changed for the better after 50? Contact us via email at and share your positive experiences and wisdom today.




Generation of Love

CarolAnn Tutera is working to help an older demographic come full circle to a life filled with Health and Love.  She has been inspired by her patients and peers on the challenges they face aging. We are a generation of love who now spends a lot of time worrying about aging and not loving ourselves. Clearing a path that helps people navigate aging is difficult as candidly its such a personal experience. Everyone ages differently but the commonality is that we all age better when we focus on the following:

  • Staying Active
  • Pro Active Approach to Health
  • Positive Perspective and Active Thinking

Staying Active means doing something everyday to keep your body working. It does not mean marathon running if that’s not your thing – but do something you enjoy.

Be proactive to your health and become your own advocate. Don’t accept aging as an excuse to failing health or energy.

Keep your mind active and perspective positive. Your body has and is changing but that is all part of the great experience of life. Our energy and positive thoughts become contagious and we can be anything we want at any age.

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Fall in love with yourself. Look and marvel in the wisdom you have gained and wear any wrinkle as a badge if honor for getting this far in life.  CarolAnn is working passionately to help others see the amazing possibilities after 50 instead of being limited by outdated social or cultural norms or standards.

What recommendations do you have for this amazing generation of love?




Carolann Tutera has been selected for inclusion in the forthcoming Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition for demonstrating dedication, leadership and professional excellence. Her compassion and expertise set the standard in the industry. She has truly dedicated herself to her profession. Representing the state as one of the best in the country requires talent, experience and integrity. There is humility and personal touch she adds to her relationship with everyone she does business with, more than the value of her service it’s her way of treating everyone like an extended member of her own family that people remember the most. As a talented disciplined professional she has maintained a proven track record of quality service, driven by her desire to succeed. During the vetting process it was noted along with her exceptional reputation that she has also maintained a positive peer rating. Her years of service along with her level of expertise and several other factors also contributed to her inclusion. She prides herself on honesty and integrity. She is the kind of professional admired by colleagues and peers alike. Her kindness and willingness to always help others and find solutions to most questions is both exemplary and honorable. She has made her mark on her profession as an expert and will become part of history as one of the top professionals in her field. She is the kind of professional that is not only successful in her field but making her an influencer online. Her recent contributions are creating a media outlet called SottoPelle Lifestyle to help others age gracefully and authentically.  She also can be heard interviewing other influencers and notable figures in various fields on her podcast Adventures in Aging on iTunes.

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Health & Wellness

Love Gracefully

Romance is said to be wasted on youth.
Truthfully, romance or love is never wasted on anyone. It’s a positive force that teaches us more about ourselves and others. No one is too old to learn about love or enjoy it.

“We are most alive when we’re in love.”
John Updike

Romance and love are topics that poets have written about throughout history to define, celebrate and grieve. Not one word or writing can capture what someone feels exactly or completely.

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”

It is a unique experience to each individual and it is boundless as it is ageless in scope and potential.

“Romance is a state of mind. It is a way of looking at your partner, life and even the world in such a manner that allows you to savor whatever is good in your life. Romance is nothing more than savoring your partner and the gifts of your intimate relationship. From that place of savoring, from that place of gratefulness, you give back. You slow down and nurture your partner. You slow down and get in touch with what makes your partner’s heart sing.” (1)

As we age, our concept of love and romance changes and evolves. That does not mean it diminishes in value or its powerful impact on our lives.

“The heart has no wrinkles.”

At 17, we are attracted to very different things than at 30, 40 or 60. Physical attraction is important at any age but as we get older we can balance that attraction out with other important aspects of a nurturing and loving relationship.

“When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable. There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age.”
Victor Hugo

We become more patient and accepting of little things and focus more on the big picture. Romance is laughing everyday and a smile shared over something silly. It is the overwhelming desire to be near that person not because you have to but can’t imagine not.

Love is unselfish and as you go through life, parenting, and experiences – you realize it’s not all about you. It’s about learning to love someone more than yourself without losing your identity. You are motivated to build a better life and aspire to greater achievements together because that one special person supports you.

It’s not about fancy things or status, it’s about the connection you have and enjoy. All of these key elements are just one perspective of love and romance, as it is so very different for each person.

“Love is authentic and full of grace.”

I recall an elderly man showing me his wedding pictures from fifty years ago. I commented on how beautiful his wife was in the picture. He became indignant and said “ you have met my wife – she is even more beautiful now.” His love and romantic view confirmed to me that love is ageless.

“Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.”
Dorothy Canfield Fisher


You Are a Child Everyday ⁃ with Your Mom

No matter how old we get or who we are – when we are with our mom we find ourselves returning to their child.
It sounds cliche, but how many of us revert or default to certain behaviors and mannerisms.
Many of us don’t even realize this is happening but I’m sure our Moms do.

I took a picture of myself and my mom when she was in town visiting.  A friend pointed out that I looked like a kid. I was flattered. She said it wasn’t just my appearance, but the energy and demeanor she saw in the image.

She pointed out I was texting away with my phone in hand (like most teenagers at lunch with their mom) and my attire was “youthful.” I laughed as I had not given any thought to my cute little red dress and denim jacket I threw on for lunch with my mom. Perhaps the devil is in the details even if done subconsciously.

“denim jackets” add a certain persona to the one who puts them on. In old movies, the blue overall is what the rebel, the renegade and social wallflower character wears. Even the girl next door has her denim jacket.” The graphic designer says that the denim jacket as a fashion symbol represents youthfulness and youth culture, which is free-spirited and expressive. “I feel that even older people could tell you that back in “their day”, they had their denim jackets. This fashionably iconic garment has represented youthfulness for many decades, and is here to stay,” he says.”(1)

Maybe it comes down to not wanting to turn into our moms either? We all can remember saying or thinking I will NEVER say or do that as a mom!! Yet, ironically we all do at some point.

“If you’re worried about turning into your mom one day, you can relax already because science says it’s going to happen. And now they’re even telling us when it’s going to happen and it’s probably sooner than you think. Despite all your efforts, new research reveals you’re likely to start becoming more like your mom in your early 30s.
According to a new study from the U.K., we all turn into our parents…” (2)

My life and profession is grounded in science and spirit. Have I turned into my mom? Perhaps, but then why am I kid around her?

Finally, I realized its because Moms are our safe haven.

We can be ourselves and let our guard down. We lose the filter we have on for almost everyone else. We can be authentic!  At end of the day, no matter how old we are inside, we are all just children. Letting that inner child out feels good and is healthy.

Now, it’s time we all do that even when mom isn’t watching!!

SottoPelle Lifestyle Inspired by CarolAnn Tutera

SottoPelle Lifestyle is dedicated to educating and empowering you at any age.  CarolAnn Tutera has been a long-time advocate and ambassador for aging gracefully. She leads by example with her motivational podcast “Adventures in Aging,” her professional successes as CEO of SottoPelle®, Tutera Medical® plus her devotion to her family.  She is constantly supporting others to find their joy and excitement in life. SottoPelle Lifestyle and the podcast provide enjoyable mediums with great insights on achieving this balance as we age.

We are all living longer and the goal for longevity is to do it well.  What that means to most people is to be healthy, happy and active.

How can we set up our aging for success?

It’s a mixture of many factors including genetics, self-care and lifestyle decisions. If any of these are out of balance your overall well -being will be impacted.  First and foremost, we need to keep healthy.  Exercise, good nutrition, and a positive outlook have a greater impact than previously understood.

“Keeping mentally active and successful at age is not only possible it’s a growing trend.  In a great article Success Has No Age Limit: Overcoming the “I’m Too Old” Mindset by Nancy A. Ruffin.  She writes:

For many women, there’s this misconception that if you haven’t accomplished certain things by a specific age then you’re a failure. In today’s world women are under tremendous pressure to accomplish so much in a short amount of time. Whether it’s getting married and starting a family or rising to the top of our career, many of us feel like we’re racing against the clock. The truth is, age should not be a factor by which we measure our success & accomplishments. There is no age limit to success.”[1]

This attitude toward professional success extends to our personal successes and goals as we age as well.  Your never too old to do anything you set your mind to do.  SottoPelle Lifestyle is a collaborative collection and effort of resources, tips and personal blogs by CarolAnn and others exploring the many ways you can achieve personal success as you age.

Want to learn more?  Visit SottoPelle Lifestyle inspired by CarolAnn Tutera today!!