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Testosterone, Andropause and Men’s Health

Testosterone, Andropause and Men’s Health A man’s testosterone (T) is his most vital hormone. It impacts everything from muscles, brain and sex drive, to blood, arteries, organs and glands. Take it...

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Stress & Nuts 

We all know about stress. Everyday something happens in your life that seems stressful. You can find an entire day, week or year consumed by stress. Are you driven mad by NUTS? Beyond being a huge...

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Hugging for your Health

Hugging for your Health We all know that hugs make us happier, but can they really keep you healthy? As little kids we were told about an apple a day, but can a hug a day really keep the doctor away...

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 Get A Bang Out of Aging this New Year

Get A Bang Out of Aging this New Year he end of summer is drawing near.  Did you take time to regain your vigor and excitement? You see all the ads about getting your beach body ready and almost...

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The Patient Dilemma

Choosing a doctor can be daunting to many people. Sometimes you don’t have many choices as per your insurance network. Other times you seem to have too many choices and find yourself playing...

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¿Qué me está pasando?

¿Qué me está pasando? Testosterona, salud y calidad de vida Ha oído hablar de las mujeres que tienen bochornos y otros síntomas a medida que atraviesan el "cambio”, pero ¿y los hombres? La verdad es...

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Gratitude is Healthy

This month we are raising awareness of the positive implications of Gratitude.  Many people who practice or feel gratitude in their daily lives feel happier and healthier. Our lives are busy, often...

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Maintaining High Standards in Patient Care

As a medical professional my expectations are high for my staff in how they treat others. I always strive for excellence of service for our patients.  At times where the role is reversed, and I...

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CarolAnn Tutera Guest Host on 99.9KEZ

CarolAnn Tutera will be the guest host for two hours on 11/24 on 99.9KEZ The Holiday Station helping to bring in this season with health and holiday spirit!! Listen in and enjoy the beautiful music...

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There is a saying that we have friends for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime.  Think about the people in your life and what they mean to you. Think about how their friendship has a reason.  Does it...

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Power of Doing Nothing

In life there are times you have to act and times when it’s best to do nothing. “Psychological research shows that the harder we strive to be happy, the less likely we are to achieve that goal.”(1)...

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Why the SottoPelle® Hormone Method?

Treating Rare Hormonal Disorders with BHRT

Treating Rare Hormonal Disorders with BHRT

Treating Rare Hormonal Disorders with BHRT As a physician, your primary objective is to provide the best possible care to your patients, no matter how rare or obscure their medical conditions may...

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