Mom Knows Best – Listen and Exercise

Some things are said so often we tend not to listen. When it comes to exercise it’s important to pay attention and participate.

My mother has been telling me for years how important it is to stay fit and active as we age.  She’s going strong at 90, working out with a trainer 3x’s a week so there must be some truth in that!  Lately, the information she tells me now is more about lifting weights as I am aging. “Carol, she says, keep up on your body strength, its important so you can get out of chairs and lift simple items!”

Keep Moving

Exercise as a healthy part of your life is an absolute, but the importance of it increases as we age. There are so many studies that support improved quality of life and longevity with regular continued exercise.

I  have been a gym rat most my adult life.  I saw my mother take up running at an early age and thought: Wow what a great role model I should be doing that too! So I ran and ran and ran.  I found my mind going places I didn’t know existed. I was hooked on the high from exercise!  For me its more about getting in touch on another level with myself and spirit. Over the years I have changed up how and what I do to stay fit.  For others, it won’t be the same for them.

People often  ask me:  “What if I have never exercised”?

I say: It’s never too late to start. Take small steps and get moving.

This is my time. I dedicate it to my health and spirituality. Beyond the health benefits of a brisk walk each day or doing some weights,  I find it a great time to think and focus on myself and my growth. Even a walk out the door 1st thing for 15 minutes is a good starting point.

For me, it’s a quiet meditative walk each morning or a quick stop at the gym. I don’t worry about my hair, makeup or clothes – I am there for ME!!

Of course, there are times where I am unmotivated to go exercise. But, each day is a new opportunity to get out and get it done. I don’t dwell on my failures to not exercise but on my successes when I do finish a great workout.

I try to be consistent in healthy activities and in my lifestyle. After my recent whirlwind of packing, traveling and moving all while working – exercise seems like the last thing to do.

But, I must keep going. For me, its more about moving & breathing.  I give myself permission to do a shorter work out when I am tired and un-wanting to get out the door. When I get home I realize how great that felt and happy I got out, even for a shorter amount of time than usual. It’s all about trying.

Finding activities that you enjoy like swimming, bicycling, yoga, or golf are great ways to keep active. Finding someone to do it with, is even better. Often we will go to support someone at the gym before we do it just for ourselves. Whatever the motivation or intent – the sense of accomplishment in keeping active pays off in big ways.

Consistent time at the gym or doing your favorite activity even for 10 -20 mins a day will help keep you healthier. The sudden focus on exercise for folks over 50 is not a coincidence as “the aging population keeps increasing, more and more older people are recognizing a growing need for exercise in their lives. Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for sustaining health and happiness. Exercise can help older adults achieve a higher quality of life, and it can help them live longer as well.”

The bottom line:

“Exercising may even have the potential to increase lifespan, and three hours of exercise each week could possibly extend a person’s life by five years.”

See you at the gym!!!