SottoPelle® Recognizes Dr. Edmund H. Lew, MD for outstanding contributions to BHRT

SottoPelle® Announces its “Featured Provider Series” showcasing various Providers that have made a difference to their patients offering leading edge Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Dr. Edmund H. Lew, MD has been a SottoPelle® Trained Provider since September 2019.

Since 2016, Dr. Edmund H. Lew has added Age Management Medicine to his practice.  He is SottoPelle® certified in Advanced Bio-identical Hormone Replacement for both men and women, nutrigenomic DNA testing and treatment, and Regenerative Medicine using PRP (platelet-rich plasma).  He is also certified in Aesthetic procedures, including neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and fibro-blasting treatment for skin tightening using Plasm Pen. He is also certified in procedures that enhance sexual function, including the P-Shot, P-Shockwave and O-Shot.


Dr. Edmund H. Lew is affiliated with numerous hospitals throughout California and more, such as Adventist health Glendale, Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center.

Dr. Edmund H. Lew is a devoted family man who lives with his wife in La Canada, where they raised their 3 children. One of their greatest blessings is living close enough to enjoy frequent family gatherings. Dr. Lew’s older son, Dr. Matthew Lew, MD, just joined his father in medical practice in August of 2019. His daughter teaches Biology at a high school in San Gabriel.  His younger son is studying to be a registered nurse.

“We are proud to be associated with Dr. Edmund H. Lew whom we have trained to understand the best practices of BHRT.” states CarolAnn Tutera, CEO of SottoPelle®.  Dr. Edmund H. Lew has obtained from SottoPelle both the same sourcing of the hormone pellets and the tools to customize the therapy to each patient’s individual hormone needs. “We are thrilled to have Edmund H. Lew as a Provider of Note who shares our vision of best practices and quality patient care.”

Edmund H. Lew MD has the following education and qualifications:

  • University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School, M.D. (1983)
  • University of San Francisco, Department of Psycho/Biology, B.A. (1976)
  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Over 37 years of experience in the field of medicine

To view additional information about Edmund H Lew, MD, or to contact the office, please visit his SottoPelle® directory listing:

Provider Information:
Edmund H. Lew, MD
Lew Medical
1505 Wilson Terrance, Suite 250
Glendale, California  91206, United States
(818) 246-7115

Featured Provider – Joy Keeton, FNP-C

SottoPelle is proud to showcase one of our providers in our “Featured Provider Series.” Joy Keeton, FNP-C practices in Godley, Texas and has been a SottoPelle Trained Provider since July 2019.

In 2018, Joy Keeton, FNP-C saw a huge need in her hometown of Godley, Texas, so Godley Family Medicine was born. Godley Family Medicine is a primary care clinic with some urgent care services, as well as services such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, weight loss, and aesthetic services. Joy is deeply excited to add Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to her practice, which has already resulted in increased growth, as she resides in a rural town in Texas.

Joy has worked as a Nurse Practitioner in the Emergency Room, Primary Care, House-calls, and still works part time at John Peter Smith Hospital Urgent Care along with her clinic as well as adjunct clinical faculty for The University of Texas at Arlington Family Nurse Practitioner Program.  These practices have earned her the SottoPelle® recommendation and positive patient reviews in the community.

Joy is passionate about helping people become the healthiest and best they can possibly be in disease prevention and health promotion.  Her favorite part of this job is making people feel better about themselves whether that means having more energy and overall feeling better through BHRT, weight loss, dietary modifications, or getting Botox/Xeomin injections.  Her goal is to make people feel good inside and out while promoting health and wellness.  She became a Nurse Practitioner because this job offers her so many opportunities to meet people and have a positive impact in their life. She enjoys providing care through finding and fixing the root cause versus just covering a problem with medication.

We are proud to be associated with Joy Keeton, FNP-C who we have trained to understand the best practices of BHRT.” states CarolAnn Tutera, CEO of SottoPelle®.  “We are thrilled to have Joy Keeton, FNP-C as a Provider of Note who shares our vision of best practices and quality patient care.”

Joy Keeton has the following qualifications:

  • Graduated with a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in 2014 and is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse

To view additional information about Joy Keeton, FNP-C, or to contact the office, please visit Joy Keeton’s  SottoPelle directory listing:

Please see below for Joy Keeton, FNP-C’s office address and social media information:

Joy Keeton, FNP-C
Godley Family Medicine
503 N. Highway 171 Suite C,
Godley, Texas 76044, United States

See Joy Keeton, FNP-C’s website:
Visit Joy Keeton FNP-C’s Facebook page: godleyfamilymedicine/

Featured Provider – Linda Evans, M.D.

Linda Evans, M.D. has been a SottoPelle Trained Physician since September 2008 and has a thriving practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her continued success treating Menopause, Andropause, and anti-aging has earned her the SottoPelle recommendation and positive patient reviews in the community.

Linda Evans, M.D is dedicated to outstanding care and proactive support for the many issues and concerns that arise as we age.

“SottoPelle is dedicated to training doctors like Linda Evans, M.D who practice the highest level of professionalism and patient care,” states CarolAnn Tutera, CEO of SottoPelle. “We are thrilled to have Linda Evans, M.D as a Doctor of Note who shares our vision of best practices and quality patient care.”

Linda Evans, M.D.

Linda Evans, M.D has the following qualifications:

· Board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and fellow in the college of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
· Dr. Evans’ practice has grown to include a focus on the care of peri-menopausal and menopausal women.
· Expert in both hormonal and non-hormonal therapies for menopausal health.
· Dr. Evans takes the time to listen to your physical and emotional challenges and will work with you to address them.
· Dr. Evans recognizes that each patient is a totally unique individual and takes pride in providing the highest quality of healthcare possible.
· Professional organizations she is affiliated with that are specific to menopause health:
— International Society for the Study of Women’s Health
— The North American Menopause Society

Dr. Evans resides in Loveland, Ohio, and throughout the years, has volunteered for and served on various medical and community organizations and boards.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, boating, swimming, snow skiing and traveling.

To view more information about Dr. Evans or to contact the office for your BHRT appointment, please see Dr. Evans’ profile on the SottoPelle directory:

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Dr. Evan’s Office and Contant Information:

Linda Evans, M.D
Premiere Center for Health & Wellness
8261 Cornell Road, Suite 610
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249