You Are a Child Everyday ⁃ with Your Mom

No matter how old we get or who we are – when we are with our mom we find ourselves returning to their child.
It sounds cliche, but how many of us revert or default to certain behaviors and mannerisms.
Many of us don’t even realize this is happening but I’m sure our Moms do.

I took a picture of myself and my mom when she was in town visiting.  A friend pointed out that I looked like a kid. I was flattered. She said it wasn’t just my appearance, but the energy and demeanor she saw in the image.

She pointed out I was texting away with my phone in hand (like most teenagers at lunch with their mom) and my attire was “youthful.” I laughed as I had not given any thought to my cute little red dress and denim jacket I threw on for lunch with my mom. Perhaps the devil is in the details even if done subconsciously.

“denim jackets” add a certain persona to the one who puts them on. In old movies, the blue overall is what the rebel, the renegade and social wallflower character wears. Even the girl next door has her denim jacket.” The graphic designer says that the denim jacket as a fashion symbol represents youthfulness and youth culture, which is free-spirited and expressive. “I feel that even older people could tell you that back in “their day”, they had their denim jackets. This fashionably iconic garment has represented youthfulness for many decades, and is here to stay,” he says.”(1)

Maybe it comes down to not wanting to turn into our moms either? We all can remember saying or thinking I will NEVER say or do that as a mom!! Yet, ironically we all do at some point.

“If you’re worried about turning into your mom one day, you can relax already because science says it’s going to happen. And now they’re even telling us when it’s going to happen and it’s probably sooner than you think. Despite all your efforts, new research reveals you’re likely to start becoming more like your mom in your early 30s.
According to a new study from the U.K., we all turn into our parents…” (2)

My life and profession is grounded in science and spirit. Have I turned into my mom? Perhaps, but then why am I kid around her?

Finally, I realized its because Moms are our safe haven.

We can be ourselves and let our guard down. We lose the filter we have on for almost everyone else. We can be authentic!  At end of the day, no matter how old we are inside, we are all just children. Letting that inner child out feels good and is healthy.

Now, it’s time we all do that even when mom isn’t watching!!