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Testosterone, Andropause and Men’s Health

Testosterone, Andropause and Men’s Health A man’s testosterone (T) is his most vital hormone. It impacts everything from muscles, brain and sex drive, to blood, arteries, organs and glands. Take it...

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¿Qué me está pasando?

¿Qué me está pasando? Testosterona, salud y calidad de vida Ha oído hablar de las mujeres que tienen bochornos y otros síntomas a medida que atraviesan el "cambio”, pero ¿y los hombres? La verdad es...

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Featured Doc – Clark Brittain, DO

SottoPelle® is proud to showcase one of our providers in our “Featured Doc Series.”  Clark Brittain, DO practices in Bloomington, Indiana and has been a SottoPelle® Trained Provider since May 2007...

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Andropause and Aging Athletes 

 When it comes to aging, most people know about menopause in women. Yet, many have never heard of andropause in men. Andropause is the phase men go through when there is a decrease in the production...

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