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How Female Hormones Protect Against COVID-19

How Female Hormones Protect Against COVID-19

Female Hormones Like Estrogen May Help Protect Against COVID-19 Since the beginning of the pandemic, scientists have been aware of the disproportionately higher numbers of men and older adults who...

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Getting your Hormones in Shape for Summer

Swimsuit season is here! But if you are struggling with the symptoms of hormone imbalance, you might not be too excited about showing off your “beach bod.” Both men and women can have a harder time...

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Re-igniting Your Relationship

Do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain? You don’t have to answer... these are just the lyrics to a familiar song about a longtime couple who went “looking” for adventures in romance...

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Five more Myths about Testosterone and Women

Five more Myths about Testosterone and Women We’ve already posted our Top 5 Myths about testosterone use in women, but, believe it or not, there is even more misinformation out there! Let’s dispel a...

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It’s time.

How to tell your partner, spouse, friend... “IT’S TIME” for SottoPelle® A person with a hormone balance can be difficult to live with. Irritability, anxiety, moodiness, and fatigue can all take a...

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Methods to Maintain Sexual Health

We’ll get straight to the point: Let’s talk about sex. There’s a notion that older adults have no business in any sort of sexual activity. However, as we’ve previously shared in our post on how to...

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